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Boost your customer acquisition strategy with engaging, responsive emails. EmaiLead offers tailored suggestions to increase interaction and efficiently turn leads into profits, optimizing the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Easy Email Marketing

Fine-tune Convertions

Superb Deliverability

Craft Email Lists. Fast.

Effortlessly streamline and enhance your email marketing efforts for maximum impact and engagement.

Assess performance using detailed reports, funnel diagrams, and industry benchmark analysis.

Ensure top-tier deliverability with comprehensive insights, and advanced analytics.

Effortlessly and swiftly craft highly targeted email lists with precision and efficiency.

Boost engagement with beautiful, code-free emails

Audience Targeting. Segmentation. Security

Simplify your marketing tasks and reach your goals at the push of a button. Save time and headaches with EmaiLead’s advanced automation features and thrust your email marketing forward.

Fuel Continued List Growth With The Right Forms

Grow your mailing list around the clock, collect valuable data effortlessly and share your forms across all your online channels with our feature-packed form editor.

Effortless Email Campaigns with Our Intuitive Interface

Intuitive interface that requires minimal learning, enabling effortless creation and deployment of effective email campaigns for novice to advanced users.

A Slice of Marketing Paradise

Trying to guess doesn’t suit your game. Send the right email to the right audience by breaking up your lists into endless segments based on any criteria you choose.

Email Marketing with Humans in Mind

Next-level personalization with EmaiLead’s smart segments and forms. Keep up with your customer’s expectations and make a difference in their inbox.


Create a campaign


Pick target audience


Send E-mail


Enjoy the growth!

Templates that make you stand out

Get started with one of EmaiLead’s professionally designed email templates. Or design one by yourself with our super easy to use drag and drop editor. Great looking emails are minutes away…

Craft emails that mesmerize across all devices.

Drop a message or send us an email. Connect with us instantly and have your queries answered right on time..

We love a good mail query and we’ll make sure your messages arrive at the inbox tray. EVERYTIME!

A sophisticated,
intuitive email editor

Design beautiful responsive emails in a few minutes with EmaiLead Email Marketing. Start from scratch or select from a variety of pre-designed templates. Add your brand content, images, links, and videos with EmaiLead’s flexible drag-and-drop Email Editor. Feel confident that the emails you build always look perfect – templates created with EmaiLead are responsive and optimized across all email clients and screens.

Unmatched deliverability means
more emails opened

Beautiful emails only mean something if your customers actually get them. Manage your sending reputation and avoid the spam folder with EmaiLead’s deliverability features. Use Email Verifications and Email Previews to feel confident that you’re sending emails to real recipients and your messages will appear perfectly in their inbox.

Plans for every budget

Firever FREE

Forever FREE

All the basics for businesses or individual to get started with email marketing


$19 /Month

Must-have features for marketing agency & individual to engage in email marketing


$250 /Month

Powerful statistics & insight report for maximized sales & marketing performance


$895 /Month

Advanced features for professionals who need unlimited marketing capability

Frequently Asked Questions

 EmaiLead is a comprehensive email marketing platform that empowers businesses to create, automate, and optimize their email campaigns for maximum impact and engagement.

EmaiLead provides a range of features including advanced automation, personalized campaigns, analytics, and responsive email templates to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your email marketing efforts.

Yes, EmaiLead offers a collection of pre-designed, customizable email templates to help you create professional and visually appealing emails in no time.

Absolutely! EmaiLead’s automation capabilities allow you to set up automated workflows, trigger emails based on user actions or time intervals, and deliver personalized messages at scale.

EmaiLead provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing you to track and analyze key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and revenue generated from your email campaigns.

EmaiLead offers dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or concerns. They provide timely responses, troubleshooting assistance, and guidance to ensure a smooth experience.

EmaiLead caters to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, offering scalable features and pricing plans to meet your specific needs.

Absolutely! EmaiLead provides robust segmentation capabilities, enabling you to divide your email list into targeted segments based on demographics, behaviors, purchase history, and more.

Yes, EmaiLead prioritizes data privacy and compliance. It adheres to email marketing regulations, including GDPR, ensuring the protection of personal data and providing tools to help you maintain compliance.

EmaiLead employs robust security measures to safeguard your data. It utilizes encryption, secure servers, and follows industry best practices to ensure the highest level of data security.

Absolutely! EmaiLead allows you to schedule your email campaigns in advance, helping you plan and execute your marketing strategies efficiently.

Yes, EmaiLead offers a free trial period, allowing you to explore its features and experience the platform firsthand before making a commitment.

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